Acupuncture and Anxiety Brunswick, MD

Do you suffer from panic attacks, insomnia or other signs of anxiety?

Acupuncture can help make the body less reactive to stressful triggers, and calm the body’s anxiety system without drugs. The body of studies is less than for acupuncture and chronic pain, but there is some promise in using auricular acupuncture for treatment of anxiety.

While acupuncture is well known as a treatment for chronic pain, many do not know that acupuncture can also help improve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Different styles of acupuncture address anxiety differently. Using Five Element style, anxiety is treated via diagnosing a patient’s constitution according to Chinese medicine techniques and principles. By treating the person, we bring everything back into balance.

There is also the NADA protocol, originally developed to help patients with opioid addictions recover from heroin. This protocol has a deeply calming effect on many different conditions, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress or PTSD.  This protocol consists of 5 sterile acupuncture needles inserted into points on the outer ear. Many go into a peaceful state, and a few even fall asleep with the needles in.

While some insurance companies will pay for acupuncture treatment for anxiety, this is very plan-dependent. We recommend coming in for a FREE 30-minute consult to get your questions answered and to check the benefits for your plan.

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