ARCH- Hawaiian-based alternative healing in Brunswick, MD

Aerial View Napali by Paul Bica, Flickr/Creative Commons 

Why do I offer ARCH?

It’s simple- it’s just another way to help people process emotional  memories, trauma or any other energetic block that’s holding someone back from healing.

What is ARCH?

ARCH stands for Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing. Originated by Reiki Master Laurie Grant ,  it’s considered a “Quantum Leap Beyond Reiki”. It relies on practices from ancient Hawaii as well as channeled knowledge.  You can read more about Laurie’s extraordinary healing story on her website . While Laurie no longer offers ARCH classes, she has trained a great lineage of teachers and I was privileged to learn from her direct student Kathy Georgen in Chicago.

As an ARCH Master practitioner, I have learned a number of the techniques in the ARCH knowledge base to help clear emotional and spiritual blocks to getting better. Basically, if you have an issue where you’ve tried everything, including acupuncture, without an effect, it may be buried on a level that’s too deep for conventional treatments, but that ARCH can still help with.

How does ARCH help?

The subtitle for ARCH is “A Bridge Back to Oneness”, and the symbol for this is the rainbow.  ARCH is the bridge of light that reconnects you and everyone back to Divine Source. You don’t have to have a certain religious background for ARCH to work; it reconnects you to whichever Divine Source makes sense for you.


How is ARCH different from Reiki? Are they the same thing?

As a Reiki Master as well as an ARCH master, I can answer this question. Reiki is a beautiful but ultimately passive healing modality- the practitioner acts as a channel for Reiki energy and the energy decides what it’s going to do. For many this is the height of safety, but I have worked with some people where the energy is working against some other pledge they have made- a sacred vow, a pledge to help family, etc.- where Reiki doesn’t serve. What’s great about ARCH is the “conscious” part- the patient must participate in the healing process for it to work. Rather than being passively healed, the patient is empowered to bring their issue to the surface and let it go. Something about this healing process really seems to get in to a deeper level than I ever saw working with Reiki.

The other thing that’s special about ARCH is the resonance of the energies. I could always feel something pleasant happening with Reiki- tingles, the odd warm or cool spot- but nothing that blew me away. From my very first experience with ARCH energy, I was shocked at how strong even the “introductory” energies feel in my body, and in my patients’ bodies. ARCH is turbocharged, divine energy.

ARCH also resonates with Chinese cosmology in that we are beings between Heaven and Earth, and the way ARCH works reconnects us not only with light from above (similar to Reiki) but the deep grounding energies of Earth below. ARCH tends to leave someone feeling very balanced and comfortable in their skin- a healthy glow- though occasionally you’ll still get a drifty feeling just from the sheer amount of energy that may be pouring through you during an ARCH treatment.

As an acupuncturist, although the points are very good at using the body to bypass the conscious mind, sometimes there is still something stuck that the needles just can’t reach. Whether you believe in causal bodies, chakras or energy fields, the deal is that sometimes acupuncture isn’t enough of a tool for the job I want to accomplish with my patients. ARCH gives an alternative modality to integrate either with acupuncture treatment, or as a stand-alone process if needles are too much of a burden.

For those of you who know me in person, you’ll know I often talk about “straddling the line” between woo-woo energetic stuff and practicality. If you break your leg, go to the emergency room and get it set. Energetic medicine isn’t a replacement for conventional Western medical care. What it can help with are things that are hard to near impossible for Western medicine to address or understand- the realm of the spirit and how that can affect our emotional and physical bodies. Acupuncture and ARCH both can work on this realm that despite my skepticism and love of science, I’ve found personally to be very, very real. I feel that not offering this modality in the world we live in now would be unethical- I’d be holding back a valuable tool for healing even if it seems too weird or “out there”.


Who shouldn’t get ARCH?

Those who are looking for a quick fix, or to reduce responsibility for their own healing process. ARCH is empowering the patient at its core- it’s not about giving up your power or authority as a patient (as can happen so many times in conventional treatments).  I can’t promise to heal your issue forever- sometimes there are more lessons to learn, more messages your psyche has for you. Part of ARCH is the phrase “if it is for your highest good”, and sometimes that highest good has a really rough, strict curriculum for you.

What I can promise is deep listening and powerful healing energy for you if it’s the right time for you to finally let go of your wound, the power in that wound, and truly heal on a deeper level.

I offer an Introduction to ARCH session for $20, which lasts around 30 minutes and gives a focused treatment using one type of ARCH energy best suited for your issue.

I also offer a full ARCH Healing session for $85 that lasts about an hour. In a full session, several different energies will be brought to bear on your unique situation, working on the physical, emotional, spiritual and causal plane levels.  Some issues have bleed-through into more than one level so for things that have been haunting you for a long time, this may be the best use of your resources, vs.  an intro session.

This is deep work that tends to bring up resistance and vulnerability. Know that when the time is right, you will be called to this- nothing else will seem to work for you or make sense. Until then, our other services such as massage or acupuncture may be better avenues to bring you ease.