Have you ever smelled something that reminded you of a loved one or a favorite time in your life?

aromatherapy Brunswick Lovettsville

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic benefit on physical and emotional levels. Some interesting studies have been done with essential oils and how scent can affect the limbic system, the part of our brains that works with not only the sense of smell, but memory and emotions.

Aromatherapy bypasses the conscious mind to touch the emotions directly. This can help soothe conditions such as trauma, anxiety and depression by helping the mind to calm itself. It also resonates well with acupuncture as applying essential oils to points provides and extra flavor to treatment that a needle alone can’t provide. We often recommend custom aromatherapy blends to use in-between treatments to help forward the intention of ¬†acupuncture. These blends are created based on Chinese Medicine principles.

We use a combination of oils from different companies that test for the right levels of effective compounds in the oils. These are a step above common fragrance oils available at your local store.

If acupuncture isn’t for you, whether needles or otherwise, we can provide you with aromatherapy as a stand-alone service to help you heal on physical and emotional levels.


Custom Aromatherapy Blend:

Meet with our acupuncturist for a custom Chinese Medicine-based aromatherapy consult. Includes a custom blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and instructions for where to apply. Great alternative to acupuncture for those who hate needles! Cost: $35


doTerra Aromatouch Service:

doTerra Aromatouch therapy involves layering different therapeutic grade essential oils along the spine to support different body systems and total wellness. And its relaxing too! Cost: $45

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