Why bother with skin care? Isn’t simple soap and water enough?

Much like it’s a good idea to go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, even though you brush and floss at home, seeing a professional esthetician on a regular basis provides a deep cleaning of the skin that simply can’t be achieved at home on your own.

Estheticians are trained skin care specialists that can provide custom treatments and recommendations for your unique skin and help you devise a routine that works for your concern and lifestyle. Plus, facials are often deeply relaxing and really provide a great break or pick me up in a stressful, busy life.

Connie Trica, our licensed esthetican, provides several kinds of facial for your unique needs:

Chrysalis Facial: Perfect for the first time facial client and veterans alike.  After a gentle cleanse of your skin, your skin will be carefully analyzed and a full treatment will be designed with your specific skin concerns in mind.  A relaxing hand and foot massage is included in your approximately 60 minute treatment.  Regular price: $70

Anti-Aging Facial:  Collagen loss and dehydration are common issues for aging skin.  This facial is designed to promote firmness and moisturizing to relieve the surface signs of aging.  Treatment will be designed for your determined skin type with deep moisturizing and collagen enhancement treatment added on combined with a gentle suctioning facial massage which will help to increase blood flow to rejuvenate your skin.  Finish with a collagen boosting moisturizer and sun protectant to firm up your skin even more.  Approximately 70 minutes. Regular price: $90

30 minute Express Facial:  Signature Chrysalis Facial scaled down for your busy day.  Your skin will be analyzed and treated for your specific needs.    Regular price: $45

Back Treatment: All the benefits of a facial treatment, but performed on your back, with a generous back massage included, feel the stress melt away with this soothing treatment.  Approximately 60 minutes. Regular Price: $60.

All treatments will include steam for skin preparation and to enhance product performance, unless it is not recommended for your skin type.

Add on a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment to your hand or foot massage for only $11.